Recently I have been introduced to a new word. The word is sapiosexual. If you knew me personally, you would know all about the excitement I have for dictionaries. Therefore a new word is always of interest to me. I like to attempt to incorporate new words into my vocabulary and conversations. This is certainly … Continue reading Sapiosexual


Part 2: How Do Consumers Purchase…

Recently I posted a blog about how consumers place value over price in their purchasing decisions. I used the blog to address the lack of value manufacturers are providing us with in their products. I would like to extend this point toward our stores as well. Many of our stores are guilty of providing us … Continue reading Part 2: How Do Consumers Purchase…

Manufactured Obsolescence: The manipulation of the consumer.

Manufactured obsolescence is the term used to describe the behavior of companies to purposely manufacture certain parts out of inferior materials. Yes, you heard me correctly, PURPOSELY manufacture parts out of INFERIOR materials. They do this to ensure they will have a limited lifespan.This is not a whimsical concept or conspiracy theory, this is a … Continue reading Manufactured Obsolescence: The manipulation of the consumer.

How do consumers purchase; price or value?

In American society we are all consumers of one thing or another. We make decisions daily about what products and services we will purchase and consume. Our consumption extends even beyond the hours we are awake and continues even as we sleep. Most of us have a nightly routine of arming an alarm clock so … Continue reading How do consumers purchase; price or value?

Déjà vu and the Recorded Future Theory

So, if you are looking for something completely random, wild, fanciful, and unproven to read then I have written this for you. Many years ago I had an idea which I thought could explain Déjà vu. I, like probably many of you, experience déjà vu somewhat regularly. It is a phenomenon which has always intrigued … Continue reading Déjà vu and the Recorded Future Theory

Our Value Of Authors

Books come in many sizes and cover a variety of topics. Children’s books are filled with wonderful and imaginative pictures. Adult books shed their pictures and replace them with fanciful descriptions which create vivid images in the minds of their readers. Well written books have the ability to transport their readers to far away galaxies … Continue reading Our Value Of Authors