Positive Manipulation Through Education: Learning What To Love

After writing one of my blogs recently I was reminded of an idea that struck me some time ago. This particular idea was one I formulated while contemplating my possible career in politics. I realized that I, like any politician, would need to provide my constituents with a stance on education. Unfortunately, the town I … Continue reading Positive Manipulation Through Education: Learning What To Love


Sociological Mindfulness

If you have ever studied Sociology then you are probably more than familiar with this term. If not, it is still something worth incorporating into your life. The term sociological mindfulness originates from the theory of symbolic interactionism. I am well aware that some of these words sound quite complicated and are not standard in … Continue reading Sociological Mindfulness

Five for Free

I try not to get too political in my blogs and that will hold true to this one as well. Recently I have toyed with the idea of entering local politics but have wondered about my stance on a variety of issues. This is one idea I had for a political stance on tax reform. … Continue reading Five for Free

Poker For Relationships: The Concept of Holding Your Cards

Not so long ago, after another failed attempt at starting a relationship, I was given the advice to not “show all my cards” at the start. The concept intrigued me and the subsequent conversation ensued. For the purpose of perspective I will explain what “showing your cards” means. The term originates, at least in my … Continue reading Poker For Relationships: The Concept of Holding Your Cards

How to Sell a Used Vehicle

At first this sounds like a topic unworthy of a blog post but I disagree. Recently I was involved in a conversation with my best friend about the purchase of a motorcycle. He stumbled across a seemingly good deal and was telling me about it. Unfortunately, the deal did not come to fruition for a … Continue reading How to Sell a Used Vehicle

Part 2: How Do Consumers Purchase…

Recently I posted a blog about how consumers place value over price in their purchasing decisions. I used the blog to address the lack of value manufacturers are providing us with in their products. I would like to extend this point toward our stores as well. Many of our stores are guilty of providing us … Continue reading Part 2: How Do Consumers Purchase…

How do consumers purchase; price or value?

In American society we are all consumers of one thing or another. We make decisions daily about what products and services we will purchase and consume. Our consumption extends even beyond the hours we are awake and continues even as we sleep. Most of us have a nightly routine of arming an alarm clock so … Continue reading How do consumers purchase; price or value?

Our Value Of Authors

Books come in many sizes and cover a variety of topics. Children’s books are filled with wonderful and imaginative pictures. Adult books shed their pictures and replace them with fanciful descriptions which create vivid images in the minds of their readers. Well written books have the ability to transport their readers to far away galaxies … Continue reading Our Value Of Authors

For the Masses

In the midst of any election year tempers get raised and hard feeling are adopted. However, another peculiar thing also happens. In many instances never before noticed events and issues get thrust into the public spotlight. But before you do anything regarding a newfound problem, you should ask yourself a number of questions. Why am … Continue reading For the Masses