Sociological Mindfulness

If you have ever studied Sociology then you are probably more than familiar with this term. If not, it is still something worth incorporating into your life. The term sociological mindfulness originates from the theory of symbolic interactionism. I am well aware that some of these words sound quite complicated and are not standard in most people’s conversations, therefore I will try to explain them in easier terms.

pfs-group-2010-redSymbolic Interactionism

This is the concept that we as humans in society communicate through the use of symbols. We are influenced by everything and everyone around us. In turn we also influence everything and everyone around us. This is a nonstop process that we engage in from the moment we are born until we breath our last breath. To put it even more simply, we act in particular ways in the hopes of controlling the behaviors of others simultaneously as their behaviors shape our own. I can understand how this sounds like an almost incoherent loop but it is in fact what I, and many of you, consider reality.

Sociological Mindfulness

This idea works in tandem with Symbolic Interactionism but is the process of consciously thinking about the exchange of influence. It is one thing to believe that it happens but another to consciously examine your behaviors and make necessary adjustments.

Final Thoughts

Thinking-ManIf you are intrigued about this concept I encourage you to explore it further. I do not have the time necessary to do it complete justice but rather wanted to use this blog to introduce you to the concept. I think it is important to understand that this is not a concept meant to provide people with the ability to manipulate others. It is rather a concept designed to give you a better understanding of yourself.


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