Positive Manipulation Through Education: Learning What To Love

After writing one of my blogs recently I was reminded of an idea that struck me some time ago. This particular idea was one I formulated while contemplating my possible career in politics. I realized that I, like any politician, would need to provide my constituents with a stance on education. Unfortunately, the town I live in has a somewhat consistent idea of education as a whole which I believe is detrimental to our children.

The Situation

When studying sociology and economics in tandem you will realize there are certain areas in our society where education is not stressed as an important element of prosperity. These areas can be identified geographically and demographically and in most cases overlap. 11920-farmers-checking-crops-in-a-field-pvThere practically becomes an almost textbook definition of the group if analyzed in depth enough.

The groups in which education is not a priority still hold a belief in happiness but it is based on other factors. Individuals in these groups have other goals in life and measure the success of their life on other elements. Some of these groups hold religion to be a defining element of their perceived success in life. Others may take pride in marriage and the birthing of children at a young age and others my take pride in the operation of a family farmstead.

I am not here to say these ideas are nonsense. I do believe, however, that a lack of emphasis on education is detrimental to our society. And the current ranking of our nation’s education when compared to the rest of the world is certainly nothing to boast about. This is something I believe desperately needs to be addressed.

The Concept

I have not developed a name for my concept, so much as a plan of action. My idea is to introduce a program in school to encourage students of all ages to take their education seriously. The idea uses basic psychology and natural societal influence. The core idea is that each of us will engage in behaviors for the sole purpose of gaining attention and affection of those we are interested in. I will skip the lengthy explanation of why we do this and will instead replace it with examples everyone can identify with. And with all the romantic-young-couple-clipartbuzz over gender identity I will do my best to outline these examples in very generalized terms.

Let’s face it, we all love attention. In many cases attention is the primary reason we do some of the things we do. Why not use this concept to benefit ourselves. When we are young we all pine for attention from our parents. We want to feel loved, accepted, and valued. As we grow older those desires do not change but those we seek it from do. We start to transition to people our own age and to whom we hold an attraction to. This is all perfectly normal and arguably coded into us genetically. So, with this being understood, why shouldn’t we use this to our advantage.

Children most often put an emphasis on things which hold very little opportunity of success. This practically sets the stage for failure and feelings of inadequacy later in life. Every child who plays a sport wants to be the next superstar. Simple logic proves this is an impossibility.

The program I intend to introduce would hopefully shape the minds of children to value education and intelligence. The program will be integrated into each grade with gradually changing material and concepts as the children grow and progress through school.

0The program will use famous people and people with cool jobs to illustrate the importance of education. Why not use those individuals our children idolize to deliver the message of education. Teachers are a significant influence on our children but are they conveying the right image if they are seen buying the same groceries in the same discount stores? What about if they have financial obligations which force them to drive a vehicle which is not pristine and then our children see them out and about?

The program will place a particular emphasis on education and how it is desired by everyone successful. This will encourage them to seek intelligence as they decide who to give their attention to. And, in turn will encourage to also believe in the power of intelligence to gain the attention they desire from whomever they desire to receive it from. This becomes a double edged sword and circular reasoning which only serves to reinforce itself and perpetuate its longevity.

Final Thoughts

mind-typographyIf successful, this program to serve to change the ideologies of an entire generation. This could cause an entire generation to try harder in school. It could encourage them to explore their true potential in learning and in life. And every community, state, region, and our entire country as a whole would be made better.


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