Annoyingly Optimistic?

This is a concept I never, in a million years, would have guessed even existed. It sounds like a play on words and concepts like giving a morbidly obese person the nickname of “Tiny” or naming your tortoise “Speedy.” After all, how can someone who is optimistic about life be annoying? Nonetheless, this is a phrase which has been used to describe me somewhat recently.annoyed-smiley-face

Pessimist or Realist?

Most people when confronted with the label of “pessimist” like to refute the accusation claiming they are in fact a “realist.” Isn’t it ironic though that every time they are referring to realism it is in a negative situation? It seems to me that to be a realist is to refuse to believe something great will happen, which in my mind labels them a pessimist.

I will be the first to say I was, in fact, at one time a complete pessimist. I wholeheartedly believed every single person was out to use and manipulate me. I believed it was the single goal of every person to get all they could from me and make me look like a fool. Thankfully though, those days have passed and I have turned over a new leaf. How I did it, however, is a story for a different blog but one I am always happy to share.

Let’s Be Annoying!

large-smiley-face-making-thumbs-up-66-6-16636This blog is about being annoyingly optimistic. After considerable thought on the matter I finally decided a while ago that it is entirely possible to be annoyingly optimistic, but that it is not a bad thing. The only people who find my abundance of optimism annoying are the people who refuse to believe they have control over their own behavior, thoughts, and emotions. As it turns out, those are the exact same sort of people I cannot bring myself to incorporate into my life.

I cannot have negative people in my life because, as the saying goes, “misery loves company.” Negative people appear to make it their life’s work to make others miserable. (I am sure each of you have already had someone’s name come to mind.) This is a behavior I refuse to entertain. I see absolutely no point in purposely trying to ruin someone’s day.

This does not mean I do not believe in forgiveness for people’s actions. It simply means I make the conscious decision to not surround myself with people who continuously cause me distress. I still want nothing but the best for those people, I just cannot have them in my life. I would like to clarify that disagreeing with me does not bring me distress and in fact I welcome those who do, provided we can disagree in a courteous manner and have intelligent conversation on those topics.

Final Thoughts0

Dare yourself to be annoyingly optimistic!

Dare yourself to be happy!

Dare yourself to see the good in everyone and everything!


It is a great feeling to see the world for all the good it can offer.


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