Déjà vu and the Recorded Future Theory

deja-vu-logoSo, if you are looking for something completely random, wild, fanciful, and unproven to read then I have written this for you. Many years ago I had an idea which I thought could explain Déjà vu. I, like probably many of you, experience déjà vu somewhat regularly. It is a phenomenon which has always intrigued me. In addition to this, I also noticed that on many occasions I would have a dream which at the time did not make any sense but would later come to fruition as an actual event in my life.

The dreams, like I said, did not make any sense at the time. There were more often than not individuals in the dream who I did not know at the time. Their names never surfaced in the dream and neither did any truly distinguishing characteristics. Inside the dream though there always existed the feeling that I knew them; that they were already familiar to me. Most of the time I could not even recall the exact look of their face. And as odd as it sounds, the location was one I never seemed to be familiar with either. But the oddest thing is that on several occasions that particular event would materialize in real life. And it is in that specific instance that I would recall the dream I had sometimes several years earlier but that did not make sense at the time.

The VCR Theory58jm16

Now I know many of you may actually be wondering what a VCR is but I grew up in a time where that was the only option we had for video entertainment viewing in the comfort of our own homes. To be honest, and severely date, myself I actually remember having both a VHS and Beta machine side by side and the option of renting either from the video store. This was well ahead of Netflix, streaming, the internet, and even Blockbuster Video stores (you may need to look that one up). To give a rough timeline I would say it was in the early 1980s. Unfortunately the title The VCR Theory is certainly outdated and may not be blatantly understood to many of you but the concept is the same if you view it from the angle of a DVD or BLU-RAY.

The Concept

Regardless if you are from the era of VCRs or DVDs you can understand the idea that the material is already recorded on the device and free for you to rewind and watch again if you wish. This is similar to the concept I have developed. The idea is that as we are developing inside the womb we are mentally living the life ahead of us. This is our entire life from birth to death with everything in between. We know where we need to go what we need to do and who we are going to be and when. The problem occurs at childbirth. I think childbirth is so traumatizing that it breaks most of the neuropathways in your brain. This means that while you are being born you forget everything you learned about your life.

The interesting part of the idea is that you never really forget it. Instead, the memories get stored inside your subconscious mind. These ideas will surface from time to time when you are in touch with our subconscious mind. Déjà vu is a great example of this. Your subconscious mind is always thinking and operating in the background as long as you are alive. Sometimes there is an instant bridge made between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind thus providing those moments of déjà vu. However, when you are sleeping you are even more susceptible to influence from your subconscious mind. That is why you can wake up with new thoughts and answers to topics you have been focusing on during the daytime. In your moments of sleep those same stored memories may have the opportunity to surface but this time in more detail. The increased detail of dreams is most likely due to the increased energy and attention you can devote to them. This is the same energy you are spending on the other areas of your life while you are awake.

Final Thoughts

I believe our incredibly detailed dreams and moments of déjà vu are both forms of being able to see small glimpses of the future. I do not think they are bad in any way even if the image they show you is a negative one. I believe they could be merely signals that you are traveling down the right path in life. I think those of us who experience déjà vu somewhat regularly can attest that there are certain decisions we have made which seem to increase those occurrences.  I will however go so far as to remind you this is just an idea I had. This, in no way, is a concept worth basing a new religion on or anything of the like. This is merely something for your fanciful mind to play with and mull over.



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