Daily Prompt: Plop

via Daily Prompt: Plop

Plop is a truly interesting word. To many people, it holds a certain amount of negative connotation to it. It almost gives the impression of something messy, almost but not quite liquid hitting a hard surface. As a child I grew up with this word being associated with the sound and action of cow manure hitting the pasture grass, but thankfully that has changed as I have grown.

13592454_1074680105904176_7526086356913055986_nAs an adult, I think of the word plop now and am reminded of how easily great opportunities can be thrust upon us. As I have traveled the path of life I have been met by many hardships; divorce, heart surgery, and many more. However, if there is one thing I have learned it is to remain optimistic about what is coming next. The number of wonderful things has far exceeded the number of horrible things. Many times it is during a moment where we would least expect something great that we are presented with a wonderful and one-of-a-kind opportunity. The trick for me has been to try to stay open to options when they surface. Everyone who has experienced something amazing will always say the same thing. They always say “I never could have expected it.”

From one day to the next we can never tell when something truly magnificent will “plop” into our lap, so always keep your eyes open and be ready to act.


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